Friday, November 6, 2009

Billy Can & Can't

Done for the 'Pairs' challenge on Three Muses challenge

The Plaster-of-Paris figurines, showing a pair of boys on a chamber pots, date from the 1908 or earlier. They used to sit in my Aunt Gertie's washroom. Knowing that her health was failing she asked us each to pick a favourite item from her ornaments. Passing by the Royal Doulton's I chose "Billy Can and Can't.

They are Billikens With their pointy little heads, grinning faces, slitty eyes, round bellies and hands tightly pressed against the sides of their naked bodies, billikens were a craze. From about 1908 to 1911, Americans gave them as good luck charms in the form of tiny statues, postcards, coins and banks. My Billikens were probably given out as Carnival prizes.


Young Creative said...

I guess bathroom humor is nothing new. How cute!

Taluula said...

Sonia these had me laughing out loud, thank you for sharing them, it brightened up my day.

indybev said...

Thank you for sharing this bit of Americana, Sonia. I'm sure your billikins now have great value as collectibles, but have even more sentimental value for you.

Hermine said...


Ozstuff said...

I am willing to bet the refined grandmothers of the day did not approve of these two little imps in their less than salubrious surroundings! They have so much character and humour about them and I am sure everyone who sees them can't help but smile broadly. The look on Billie Cant's face is priceless.
Thanks so much for joining in the challenge with this appealing pair.