Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rooster Booster

Now, the story of Rooster Booster, my mother kept chickens and had a Victory Garden. It was part of the war effort to grow your own food. She started out with Bantam chickens which are very small. She had hens and a rooster and the hens laid tiny eggs. Later, she got some Leghorn chicks and they guaranteed that these chicks were all female but one of them slipped under the radar and and he was male, very much so. When those little chicks were growing up Rooster Booster, the Bantam, used to pick on that Leghorn rooster chick. He gave him such a hard time. Of course the Leghorn chicks got bigger. The Leghorn rooster started to get tall and lanky. As an adolescent he was still scared of the Bantam rooster who would chase him around. This little Bantie rooster chasing around this big old Leghorn was quite a funny sight to see. One fine day the Leghorn rooster realized that he was bigger! He turned on the Bantam and, well, that was the end of Rooster Booster. You could say that it was the end of tyranny or whatever you want but it was curtains for Rooster Booster.

Done for the "Chicken" Challenge


Taluula said...

Ahhh I love it when the little guy (well he was once) wins don't you?

A real hoot Sonia that left me with a big smile on my face.

Beautifully crafted and wonderfully humorous.

indybev said...

My mother raised bantam too, and her "banty" rooster chased me through the yard every day when I came home from school. He was a holy terror. I wish I'd had a tall, gangly Leghorn to protect me! Thanks for your always special contributions, Sonia!

Ozstuff said...

Yes, banty roosters have quite a reputation. Just as well their size prevents them from doing too much damage!! I so enjoyed your story, Sonia. We never had chickens but I am old enough to remember the time when almost everyone had "chooks" in their backyard. (We Australians call chickens "chooks" which rhymes with books). I love your picture and I love your story which is funny and nostalgic.