Friday, July 3, 2009

Silent Movie
Done for Challenge 33
Art Creations Friday

Effect 4: Art Media/Brush Strokes (not default)
Effect 5: Edge Effect/Enhance More
Effect: 6: Eye Candy 3.1 Glow (not default)
Effect 7: Xero/Porcelain to soften any too obvious lines or sharp edges.

Plus Geometric Effect\Perspective\Horizontal
and Texture Effect\Mosiac-Antique both in Paint Shop Pro


Elizabeth Golden said...

This is very cool I love it!

indybev said...

Well, now, Miss Sonia, that's a lot of effects ---- and to great effect too! Beautiful.

Femmy said...

great card!!!

vintage wil said...

Beautiful ! great idea!

Char said...

This is fabulous. Perfect for black and white.

Amy said...

Nice idea..I like it.