Friday, June 26, 2009

Done for Challenge 32
Art Creations Friday

How it was done using Paint Shop Pro

I started with the vintage picture of a lady from France
with the background made transparent

Made a new layer and then did Arrange/Move to bottom
Select all.
Pasted into selection a background picture
Effect 1: Applied default Seamless Tile to this background layer
Then applied Gaussian Blur 15
Then on to the Effects.
Effect 2: Simple/Diamonds
Effect 3: 4 Way Average
Added a new Layer above background
Did Flood Fill with selected light color from tube.
Reduced opacity to 50%
Merged down
Buttonized the whole to make it look a bit like a French postcard.
Working on the top layer tube now.

Effect 4: Art Media/Brush Strokes (not default)
Effect 5: Edge Effect/Enhance More
Effect: 6: Eye Candy 3.1 Glow (not default)
Effect 7: Xero/Porcelain to soften any too obvious lines or sharp edges.
Effect 8: VM Natural Sparkle (not default)

Added Border 25 pixels in white
Selected with magic wand and pasted pattern previously created from the Background
Into the frame.
Effect 9: for frame: Eye Candy 3.1 Glass at various settings


Joy said...

She looks magical! Beautiful piece.

Myriame said...

Beautiful and elegant, it's fantastic

vintage wil said...

Beautiful pice!!

Anonymous said...

Very elegant

AliMayes said...

Lovely work and thanks for the tut!
Ali xx

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

So lovely, soft and feminine looking!